Monday, October 14, 2019
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Ceramil Motion 2

5-axis wet and dry processing – compact, versatile and future proof.

With the Ceramill Motion 2 it will be possible to retain the value creation chain of prosthetic and framework digital fabrication almost entirely in-house – for any size of laboratory.

Ceramill Motion 2 combines the 5-axis milling technique (wet/dry) with the wet-grinding technique in a compact machine. The machine can be used not only as a purely dry or wet system, but can also be operated in the wet and dry combination mode. In the combination mode operation can be easily changed between milling and grinding mode (by exchanging the blank holder). The choice of version depends on the indications, which the laboratory wants to fabricate on a CAD/CAM basis (refer to the indication matrix on the last page).

State-of-the-art 5-axis technology and proven stable, highly reliable precision components from the Motion 1 (e.g. Jäger® spindle) form the basis for a future-proof, robust dental CNC system, which is also optimally equipped for future areas of indications and materials (models, templates, full-denture prosthetics etc.).

  • Hybrid design, choice of wet or dry operation in one machine
  • 5-axis milling and grinding technique for full indication range
  • Convincing amortisation
  • Future-proof machine concept for new indications(e.g. models, full-denture prosthetics; templates ...)
  • Material-appropriate processing for each material (e.g. zirconia dry, plastics wet)
  • Extremely compact design (small installation space, fits in any type of laboratory)
  • Modular and upgradable with other material blank holders(e.g. for processing glass ceramic)
  • Newly developed "speed boost" milling strategies for maximum productivity
  • Tool holder with automatic tool changer
  • Low maintenance, very precise and extremely robust Jäger spindle
  • Highly efficient blow-out function and tool cooling provided by integrated air nozzles on the spindle as well as a coolant unit in wet operation
  • Automatic tool length measurement and broken tool detection
  • Also ideal for practice laboratories (grinding technique inlays, onlays, etc)
  • Can be used with open CAD/CAM systems (3Shape®, Dental Wings®)*(*after verification using the Ceramill Upload Tool)



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