Friday, August 23, 2019
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HotShot enables fast and easy delivery of warm obturation material for endodontic backfill. It’s cordless and compact, making it easy for handling, cleaning, and storage. The variable temperature settings allow you to easily control obturation flow characteristics.

Part Numbers

Starter Kit

Item SKU Item Description
974-1012 HotShot Starter Kit HotShot Device, Charging Base, AC Adapter with
Cord and Plug, Pack of Thermal Protectors ( 3 Caps per pack), Plunger,
2 Cleaning Brushes, Pack of Obtutation Delivery Needles (20 ga, 23 ga,
25 ga, 2 of each), Box of Gutta Percha Pellets (9 soft, 9 hard, 9 medium)



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