Monday, October 14, 2019
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LightSpeed CRX

The new LightSpeed® CRXXâ;Â coronal–shaping NiTi rotary instruments are the ultimate in coronal flaring efficiency. Because CRX instruments have a .20 taper, they create a similar shape as THREE Gates–Glidden drills, reducing the number of instruments needed for your coronal preparation. They are guided by a non–cutting pilot tip, and have a 4 mm total blade length.

Part Numbers

All CRX instruments have a 4mm blade length and .20 taper
Contents: pack of 4
Product Item
Size 1 - ISO size 50 tip 835-0001
Size 2 - ISO size 70 tip 835-0002
Size 3 - ISO size 90 tip 835-0003
Size 4 - ISO size 110 tip 835-0004



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